Prof. Beverly Derewianka

Beverly Derewianka is Professor of Language Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia. She has had a close interest in the development of the national curriculum since its inception. Her research interests include the relationship between literacy research, policy and practice. Currently she is involved in a national research project looking at how the Australian Curriculum: English is interpreted by the States and in turn by teachers in classrooms. Her publications include Exploring How Texts Work, A Grammar Companion, and School Discourse: Learning to Write across the Years of Schooling (with Frances Christie).

Prof. Jihyeon Jeon

Prof Jihyeon Jeon is currently served as Chair of the Dept. of International Office Administration, School of Business, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul. She has provided an integrated view on language teaching in numerous articles and presentations. Dr. Jeon’s keen interest comes from her diverse background, studying post-modern philosophy, and second language and culture education; working in EFL education and KFL education; teaching English majors and Business majors; serving as a Secretary General for KATE (within Korea) and Asia TEFL (internationally); and experiencing EFL education as a student, teacher, scholar, and policy evaluator, as well as mother of school age children. Her recent works include:

Dr. Bradley Horn

Brad Horn is the Regional English Language Officer (RELO) for U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the course of his career as a diplomator (a diplomat and educator), Brad has worked with teachers and students of English in Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, the United States, and, most recently, South America. He holds an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from Southern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University. His main areas of professional interest and expertise are language policy, assessment, technology-enhanced language learning, and writing and literacy instruction.

Prof. Jirada Wudthayagorn

Jirada Wudthayagorn earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. She is highly trained in educational research, sociolinguistics, language assessment, and quantitative research. She also serves as co-president of Asian Association of Language Assessment. She is currently teaching in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto

 JOKO NURKAMTO is a Professor of TESOL in the Department of English Language Education, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia. He is currently the President of TEFLIN (The Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia). His professional and research interests include language curriculum development and teacher professional development.

Prof. Susan Gaer

Prof Susan Gaer is a Professor Emeritus of Santa Ana College, Series consultant for Project Success, Pearson LTD; an avid user of technology with adult level ESL students. She is currently an educational consultant working as an OTAN Subject Matter Expert.

Dr. Willy A. Renandya

Dr. Willy A Renandya is a Principal Lecturer at the ELL Department, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Prior to his current position, he taught at SEAMEO RELC, Singapore, where he also served as Head of the Department of Language Education and Research. He has taught in many parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. He is a frequent speaker at language conferences in the Asian region. He holds an MA in TESL and a PhD in Educational Psychology. His teaching and research interests include second and foreign language pedagogy, extensive reading, language testing and curriculum development. He has published research articles in various journals, authored an ESL textbook, and edited numerous books and anthologies. His latest publications include Motivation in the language classroom (2014, TESOL International), Simple, powerful strategies for Student Centered Learning with George Jacobs and Michael Power (2016, Springer International), and English language teaching today: Linking theory and practice with Handoyo P Widodo (2016, Springer International).

Prof. Yenni Rozimela, Ph.D.

Prof. Dra. Yenni Rozimela, M.Ed., Ph.D. is  Professor in English Language Teaching at English Language Education Program of Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia. She is currently served as the director of Post Graduate Program, Universitas Negeri Padang.

Dr. A. Gumawang Jati, M.A.
Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati, M.A. is a lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology ITB · Humanities. He is currently served as The President of i-TELL (Indonesia Technology Enhanced Language Learning) Association). He is an an experienced English Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in English as a Second Language (ESL), Intercultural Communication, Lecturing, Educational Technology, and Instructional Design. Strong information technology professional with a Doctorate focused in ICT for Education from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.
Prof. Suwarsih Madya
Suwarsih Madya has been an English language teacher educator since 1977. With a range of experiences in international cooperation and language teacher education, she now views language teaching from multi-perspectives by relating it to other important matters such as character education, identity formation, and world peace establishment. Her research interest is around teacher and instructional developments with emphasis on autonomous learning. She has written a number articles among others on self assessment, teacher standards, curriculum development, instructional model development in the TEFLIN Journal. Her recent publications are: Language Teaching Methodology: From the Pre-method to Post-method era (in the Indonesian language), Learning English Pronunciation Systematically: A Resource Book for Student Teachers and Teachers of English., and Penelitian Tindakan: Dari Teori ke Praktik (Action Research: Theory and Practice).
Prof. Ali Saukah
Ali Saukah is a senior professor at the doctorate program in English Language Teaching (ELT) of State University of Malang. His research interests include English teaching education, assessment, teacher professional development, and journal publication writing.
Colm Downes
Colm has been involved in language education for over 20 years across Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. He is currently the Director English at the British Council Indonesia
Subhan Zein, Ph.D.

Subhan Zein (PhD, Australian National University) teaches at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is the author of Language Policy in Superdiverse Indonesia (Routledge, 2020). He is Asia TEFL Director of Research Publications and Principal Investigator of the British Council’s English across ASEAN Education Systems Scoping Research (2020-2021). He is the lead editor of Early Language Learning Policy in the 21st Century: An International Perspective (Springer, 2021), Early Language Learning and Teacher Education: International Research and Practice (Multilingual Matters, 2019) and English Language Teacher Preparation in Asia: Policy, Research and Practice (Routledge, 2018), and he is also the editor of Teacher Education for English as a Lingua Franca: Perspectives from Indonesia (Routledge, 2018). His articles have appeared in refereed journals including Language Teaching, Professional Development in Education, Journal of Education for Teaching: International Research and Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics Review, and Asian Englishes.